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This is a dream project for Google, and we heard it much before that Google is going to bring out a wearable computer and it was officially declared on 2012. This is a computerized Eyewear from Google and frankly speaking this is an experiment for them. Project Glass Research development program has developed the new visual and hearing device for the user. This is a small computer with Head Mounted Display. This is used for Ubiquitous Computing. This work as a handset free smart phone. This is used for internet use through the natural language voice commands.Google Glass1 The Glass computer   Google Glass

There are features which will tempt you to own this device including a Menu, Reminder, Weather alert, Travel alerts, Google Glass’ Voice input, feature to take and upload photos and videos. The features like of Get Location On- The – Go, Interior Mapping and Easy sharing are extremely unique.

Google Glass is developed on a handful technologies like, ambient intelligence, Wearable computing, Smart clothing, Smart grid technology, Eye tap technology, 4G technology, Android and Augmented reality.

Wearable computers are miniature computers and they should be worn by the user. This is created for specific and generic information technology purpose and for the media development.

Ambient Intelligence

This provides the seamless integration of the device to the electronic environment. They are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. Apple watch and Google Glass are working on this technology. This is a futuristic technology.
Smart Clothing

This next Gen apparel is a combination of new fabric technology and digital technology. This clothing has new signal – transfer fabric technology installed with digital devices.

Eye Tap Technology

Eye Tap is a device and it is to be worn in front of the eye. And that will act as a camera to record the scene available to the eye as well as a display. This will superimpose that image to a computer generated imagery of the original scene available to the eye. This technology helps the user’s eye to operate as a monitor and as a camera as the Eye Tap intakes the world around it and augments the image which user sees, and allows to overlay the computer generated data over the normal world the user may look at.

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Smart grid technology

This electric grid gives automated information on supplier consumer behavior, to improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the production and distribution of the electricity.

4G technology

This 4TH Gen cell phone communication technology gives mega broadband internet access to Google Glass


Google Glass supports app developed in the Android platform.

Augmented Reality

This is a live , direct or indirect, view of the physical world or environment. This real world factors are augmented by generating sensory inputs. Eg: sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

Design and OutLook – Google Glass


The front facing camera is capable of taking the photos and videos in a glimpse. You can easily record what you see through the Google Glass. You can also take photos of what you see through the Google Glass. Plus, share them on social networking web sites.

photo The Glass computer   Google Glass

Video Display

There is a small video display that is will display the pop up hands free info.


This hands free wearable device comes with the feature to make and receive calls as well. The speaker is placed near the ear.


The button is on the side which will work with physical touch input. It acts according to the context and this has a multi purpose usage.


This is capable to take voice commands of the user. Which is used for telephone communication as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Easy to use, very sensitive, provides fast access to maps , documents, videos, chats etc, it is an easy to use technology for all categories of people specially for handicapped and disabled these are the advantages.

While talking about the disadvantages, it can violate the privacy of people, the device is easily breakable, can cause accidents, eye strain and visual problem.

These wearable computers are quiet futuristic. You can read the new SMS or Emails as well as reply to them with Voice commands, You can ask or search for any information as we search in google search. It will read the results by Voice. This device is integrated with our usual Google Maps and it takes you Live through the routes wherever you want to go. Broadcasting what you see through the Google Glass to your friends and family members is very interesting and this is one of the amazing feature of Google Glass.

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